E-sports in India

E-sports in India has seen quite an amount of growth, especially within the past two years. And it has opened up many options for gaming careers we probably have always dreamt of. Especially from 2016, India has seen a lot of PC tournaments in CSGO and DotA2, giving pro-gamers a chance to prove themselves in the international space. That does give a lot of budding gamers hope. But is it always easy as it sounds? Let’s find out. Hi, I am Ankit Panth. But when it comes to gaming, I am V3nom, and I am also the captain of Team Brutality. Today I will be talking about what you can do if you want to make a mark in eSports. And it’s not about just practicing for top-notch skills or getting your game strategy right, you have to understand the industry you want to get into. Yes, ultimately it’s your game that will get you into this industry, but that’s just the beginning. So let’s look at the pay by phone casinos canada As per an article in IndiaTimes on June 2018, there are 2 million eSports players, with nearly 1000 of them in the pro-gaming scene. And the numbers are just rising.

To stand out, you have to know what level of expertise your game has to be. The number of tournaments in India have risen rapidly and larger prize pools are creating more opportunities and increasing competition. You have to know very well where your game stands amongst the rest. Watch gameplays of the best teams, especially of the tournaments you and your team aim to participate in. And then set targets to reach the expertise you want to reach in a particular time period. Now that we are talking about participating in tournaments, you will need to build your game with your team. When you build a team, it’s important for all of you to have the same vision and be on the same page be it performance, growth and brand value of the team. Being clear about team’s vision and dedicated towards your game will not only keep the team dynamics healthy, but it will also improve your overall game. Obviously there will be changes in your roster over the period of time, but those transitions are something every team has to sail through. Building an esports team is a steady process.

It may seem slow and can get quite frustrating, but you have to keep your eyes to glory. It’s anytime better than being an overnight success for a single achievement then disappearing away. I started playing in 2006 and since then I have been wanting to build a team. It was only in 2008, that we formed the team and that is, Team Brutality for you today. As you begin playing in tournaments and have considerable wins, your team can then start reaching out to gaming companies and look out for more sponsorships. It’s only after so many years of hard work and success we were given a chance to associate with a brand like Dell and Alienware. Basically, once you prove your mettle, things can really take off in your pro-gaming career. Developing any sport will definitely be very difficult with its ups and down, but for sure it’s not an impossible task. Stick to your vision and allow nothing to stop you. Let the games begin!