How To Use Your Fortune

I didn’t spend over 50 million chips so hopefully they give me my chips back there in this free span or maybe even more   they’re gonna stop      I’m not sure what’s going on guys it seemed like my phone is freezing up or it’s either the game I’m not even for sure okay so it gave me under what I have played for so since it did that normally what I would do is I will collect those chips yeah there’s something definitely going on so collect those chips and like I said I would love I would go to the next slide go back to the same one just to see what this this time what it’ll give me sometimes if you keep switching back and forth to these machines like this the same machines the same two machines sometimes you can look up and it will give you a really big win. Find out how to achieve a big win at CasinoSlots.

I’ve done this a couple of times so you guys should give it a try okay so I’m gonna go a little bit more with this video I’m gonna see if I can show you guys a really big win hopefully this time it gives me something good I never went this long with a video but hopefully it doesn’t turn off on me hopefully I have enough space and normally guys when you go back and forth to the machines like this you’re free spins comes right up yeah I never really had to wait a really long time when I was bouncing back and forth to both machines like this normally right away your free spins will pop right up so hopefully I get some free spins soon and it looks like they are coming so  but yeah guys these are some really good pointers for getting a lot of chips going back and forth to different m2 from machine from machine but the same machine you know what I mean the same two machines just going back and forth and do it this way and you are definitely you should you know get a big win in between one of these it should give you a really nice win not saying how many times you should go back and forth.

But normally when I do I do this it gives me a big win out of one of the times that I keep going back and forth so guys give it a try and let me know comment down below if you tried this and let me know you know what what what did it give you what win did it give you did it give you a big win or you know did it help you did it work work out for you and once you get a really big win you know I would go to another machine I wouldn’t stay at that machine because eventually it will take all your chips back if you stay at the same machine not saying that it will but I’ve had it happen to me.