Mistakes in Multiplayer Gaming

He makes it seem in a way that he doesn’t really care about the outcome of the game. But I know that deep down he really cares about the game and he’s really passionate and he really wants to win but he doesn’t really show it. I think it’s really good to have players like this who really challenges the coaches and therefore the rest of the team. But it takes a lot of energy. You have to always be ready to fight back in a sense to make sure that you make your opinion understood. Duke was kind of… The way he was working with me was kind of like the way I learn the best, you know? It was similar to what Prolly was doing in H2K. When I play League of Legends now, I kind of play it Prolly’s way. Because he just taught me everything. Now with Schalke and with David it’s the same, the way he brings up points is kinda the same as Duke or Prolly where he’s just straightforward and bashing me if I make mistakes so, it’s just something I… it’s just something that works best for me. Hey come to top! Hey Jonas, look at this juicy wave, hey… we can gank here…

So ladies and gentlemen, we are just about to jump in to our Match of the Week as Schalke 04 will try to pick up a win against G2 Esports. Ignar: Should I ulti? Abbedagge: He has no jump. Memento: He’s dead Upset: I’m TPing Abbedagge: Look Elise! Odoamne: I’m TPing! Memento: Go Elise! Memento: We win, go Elise! Odoamne: I’m TPing on tower. Memento: I’m backing off. Odoamne: Look Yorick! Memento: I’m out. Odoamne: I’m here. Abbedagge: We’re good. Memento: Nice. OK, let’s push out mid. Odo fancies himself a shot, tries to get Fear Beyond Death, here comes Abbedagge! Flash forward! Looking for the tomb! May need a self cast, doesn’t get a chance! Abbedagge’s down, the chain CC sends him to the fountain. Absolutely nothing Schalke can do right now. Welcome to Schalke 04 taking on SK Gaming. Another very very important game, this is hugely influential in that battle for 6th place. Both of these teams hotly contesting themselves a spot in the playoffs. Now Abbedagge, will be a little bit of pressure… Wow Memento! Memento: Oh my god man… Memento: I accidently used my Zhonya instead of Predator boots… Odoamne: 4k! They’ll do, they’ll do, they’ll do… Odoamne: Look, they’re doing. We need to fight. Memento: Back back back! I got it, I got it! It’s stolen by Memento!

He makes up for the stopwatch misplay! Well, let’s see what Werlyb can do… He’s going to be in a little bit of trouble. Disdain comes out. Werlyb decides to turn this around, here comes Crownshot and Dreams! Werlyb does so much damage! Upset: Go on Noc. Odoamne: They’re all on me! Odoamne: They have Pyke ult. Upset: Can we go on Noc? Memento: No flash Noc. Just kill Noc and back. Odoamne: Cassio’s fighting! Memento: Back back back… Look how quickly Baron’s going down, Werlyb hasn’t even started the TP he’s coming in but it might be too late! Paranoia in to the pit… It’s secured! That’s stolen away! SK Gaming get the Baron! And SK may have just enough to finish this game off. Schalke run for their lives, the Nexus is being focused and SK Gaming are 1 step closer to playoffs! I don’t think we really overperformed. I think all our losses are justified for this season. But I think now things get a bit harder because we really need to get over this hole we are facing right now and at one point of the season every team will have this one. It’s up to us to see if it’s better that we have it now or later but I think if we manage to get over this hurdle then we’re in a really good spot.