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Quick Blackjack Reminder – what to do with pairs

When playing this exciting game at online casinos, be certain that you also use the recommended strategy that you would at a land-based facility. This game does not usually have much variance from one online betting spot to another, so the strategy will typically be the same from place to place. The only thing you should find out, on land or not, is how many decks are in play.

Here is a quick rundown of what to do when playing blackjack and pairs are involved. We are covering this because many players are confused as to just what they should do when they are faced with a pair: For pairs – always split a pair of aces or 8s. Never split 10s, 4s, or 5s. You want to split all other pairs when the dealer’s exposed card is a 6 or lower in value. I have witnessed my share of botched decisions when it comes to pairs in blackjack – so there you have it, folks. When online gambling, it is easy to stray from the strategy in order to try to win quick money – but that is always the wrong thing to do.

When it comes to playing this game at south african live casinos, you should not get upset if you are sitting in the early or late position. No matter where you are sitting at the blackjack table, the odds remain the same. Playing a basic strategy is more important than table positioning when playing this game. Remember, the order of the cards is random. Yes, you see players at land-based facilities moving to sit in certain positions, others say they like the early position because they don’t want other players taking their intended cards. Sure, it doesn’t hurt to move around for positioning at a blackjack table – but it won’t guarantee better success by doing so either. Remember the odds in this game are not based on positioning – so get it out of your head if this is how you believe the odds of this game work.

Be smart and look past positioning. Yes, it is frustrating when you are sitting at a table and the player to your right doesn’t know exactly what is going on – you feel cheated out of your cards. It is just this mentality that will only lead you do not have a good time when online gambling. Remember – the cards have no memory and they are dealt randomly. So, just because the guy next to you took your ideal card does not mean that same valued card will not show when it is your turn to act.