Online Poker

The Biggest Myths of Online Poker

A lot of gamblers have heard so many negative and untrue myths about online poker that they refuse to sign up for a site. Unfortunately for these gamblers, they are missing out on what could be a very profitable, fun, and enjoyable experience. Though there is some truth in common myths and worries about online poker, there are also measures and steps players can take to ensure these do not become realities or concerns.

One of the biggest myths about online poker is that those who play online poker are gambling addicts. This is most certainly not the truth at all. While there are some people who become addicted to the game or to gambling in general, most were addicts before they ever signed up for a gaming site. Furthermore, there are precautions one can take to be sure that online poker does not go from a fun pastime to a serious addiction that costs players time and money. One of the best things players can do to protect themselves from addiction is to set limits and stick to them no matter what. Limits should be in place for how much money one will spend on online poker either weekly or monthly, making sure that this is never more than one can afford to lose, and on how much time can be spent playing online poker either daily, weekly, or monthly. These limits should not change no matter how much money one happens to win. Just taking these simple steps will make it almost impossible to become addicted to online gambling.

Other common myths include the beliefs that online poker sites are rigged and that all online poker players cheat to win. Players can rest assured that any legitimate poker site will not be rigged. In fact, all legitimate sites are monitored for fairness by outside agencies, making it almost impossible to rig game play. Any site that does so is not operating legally and usually will not be on the internet for long. Users can protect themselves against this type of fraud by carefully researching any site that they intend to sign up for and by checking with the auditing agency to be sure that it actually does monitor the site frequently. As for cheating, it is true that cheating does sometimes occur, but it is also true that cheaters are quickly caught. Most sites have ways of checking for cheating devices and will not allow players with such devices installed on their computers to enter the site or to play any games. Those players who cheat in other ways are usually caught quickly and have their winnings taken away, as well as being subject to more serious punishments.

Because of this, most people will not cheat at all, since it is becoming increasingly risky.